Strange Studios
is based in the county of South Yorkshire, England. 
I have been drawing and painting for most of my life and have worked on many commissions, specialising in pets and wildlife, but also have painted other things including landscapes and seascapes. Throughout 2005 - 2006 I returned to college as a mature student wishing to expand
my outlook and improve the quality and variety of my work. I have worked extensively with Oils in the past but now concentrate mainly on painting
with Acrylics.
Welcome to Strange Studios

I apologise yet again for  the disappearance of Strange Studios, Pet Sympathy Cards and Doghouse UK. This is through no fault of my own, but is due to the fact that my web host seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth while I recently was away from the Internet due to circumstances completely beyond my control.
I have had to quickly find new hosting which I trust will be reliable this time.

I am working hard to reload all my pages plus build the new "Only Fools and Huskies" website which is as yet still incomplete.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

 Doghouse UK 

Visitors here may have also at some point viewed the acclaimed DOGHOUSE UK website. It is is designed to ask a potential dog owner if a dog is the right kind of pet for his/her circumstances, then traces each step of finding a suitable dog, choosing a dog and  follows the care and training of a dog from puppyhood to the end of life. 


The art section will of course be similar to how it has always been, consisting of my Gallery and hopefully other items of interest. 

Pet Sympathy Cards

The ever popular range of Pet Sympathy Cards will be reloaded as soon as possible and will be on sale at just 1.50 each (1.50 GBP) including First Class postage to anywhere in the UK only.

Only Fools and Huskies 

A website dedicated to the care and training of a companion Siberian Husky.

This website has had to be put on hold for the time being while I reload my other pages.

League Against Cruel Sports

British Legion Poppy Appeal

Find me at Care 2


In the pipeline!

Commissions are not being taken at the
moment but hopefully will be again soon                                            

Keep checking back for more information.

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